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The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) regulates the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom. By law osteopaths must be registered with the GOsC in order to practise in the UK.

The over-arching objective of the GOsC is the protection of the public. This involves the pursuit of the following objectives:
a) protecting, promoting and maintaining the health, safety and well-being of the public;
b) promoting and maintaining public confidence in the profession of osteopathy; and

c) promoting and maintaining proper professional standards and conduct for members of that profession

The iO is the UK’s professional membership organisation for registered Osteopaths. The purpose of the institute is to unite, promote, develop and support the Osteopathic profession, to improve public health and patient care.
Osteopathy is a gentle and effective hands-on approach to healthcare, based on the principle that the way your body moves influences how it functions. Osteopaths are highly competent healthcare professionals, recognised by the NHS as fully qualified to diagnose and treat independently.

Over 30,000 people every day visit an osteopath suffering from a variety of conditions including neck or back pain, joint or muscular pain, sports injuries, recurring headaches and more. Many patients are pregnant mothers, unsettled children, or those with work strain, or pain and stiffness related to advancing years.

BackCares aims to significantly reduce the burden of back pain by providing information and advice to all people and organisations affected by back pain. They fund scientific research into the causes, prevention and management of back pain.

Arthritis Research UK invests in breakthrough treatments, the best information and vital support for everyone affected by arthritis.
We believe that by harnessing the power of exceptional science we can overcome the pain, isolation and fatigue arthritis causes. Our work has already uncovered breakthrough treatments, and we’re dedicated to uncovering new ideas to help people push back the ways arthritis limits their lives.

Arthritis Research UK: Everyday freedom from the limits of arthritis.

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