Here are the costs for self-paying patients at Chestnut Osteopathic Practice:

First Consultation (30 Minutes to 1 Hour)


Follow-on Consultation (30 Minutes)


Missed/Late Consultation


Important Details

Payments can be made via cash or cheque for your convenience. A typical course of treatment is 3 to 5 appointments, which is equivalent to £136 to £222.

Please ensure that 24 hours notice is given if you wish to cancel an appointment to avoid a cancellation charge.

When you are suffering from pain, please give us a call now on 01295 713666. We are more than happy to discuss any problems before booking an appointment. Appointments on a Saturday morning are also available.


Osteopathy is covered by a number of private health insurance providers. Please check with your provider if it is covered. Our practice is happy to provide receipts for any payments so that the money can be claimed by your health insurance provider.

First Consultation (30 Minutes for Case History and Examination)

Follow-on Consultation (Treatment, 20 to 30 Minutes)

Contact our osteopaths near Banbury, Oxfordshire, to learn more about our reasonable rates.

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